Once upon a time, I completed the last page of a journal. 
I held the book in my hand for a few silent moments and thought about how every letter, journal entry, song, play, film, novel, poem or story started with ink.
And then I noticed something curious: the journal felt heavier.
It had weight to it.
Literally. Ink has weight.
How much does ink weigh? 
I calculated the weight between my completed journal and the exact journal empty:
.40 ounces -- 3.42% difference
This was the inspiration. 
And then I began to think: how much does ink weigh metaphorically? 
Intellectually?  Emotionally?  Artistically?  Spiritually? 
I think the answers to these questions are hidden in the relationships between the artist
and the audience, the writer and the reader, the imagined and the realized.

Michael Albanese, Los Angeles, 2014
Michael is a writer and founder of Element Lifestyle

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